Why You Need To Visit Giza Necropolis

Whenever some one says he or she is going to North Africa for a short holiday, the usual suspect has always been Egypt. Egypt has over the years become one of the most spectacular nations to visit. After all, it does not only boasts some of the richest culture and histories, also, some of its ancient structures have seen this great country rise through the ranks and become one of the world’s best tourist destinations. One such structure has to be the Giza Necropolis and here are a few reasons why you should visit this location next time you fly to Egypt.

Commonly referred to as the City Of The Dead; this location alone is not your typical tourist destination. Although, it comes with less popular pyramids, Giza Necropolis is suffused with tons and tons of great history and culture. Moreover, some of the structure and monuments found here are spectacular. Considering there were no modern equipment at that time, it is unimaginable how the managed to pull such magnificent structures.

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Karnak is a village in Upper Egypt which gave its name to one of the largest complexes at Thebes. Dating back to over 2000BC, Karnak Temple - also referred to as Al-Karnak - is hailed to be one of the greatest religious establishments in the history of mankind. Huge temples, obelisks, pylons and shrines make up the largest area of this complex, which was dedicated to the Thebian Triad with Amun-Ra at its head.

Karnak covers a staggering 200 acres, an equivalent of two English Cathedrals combined! The most awe-inspiring feature in this complex is the Hypostyle Hall which is located between the third and fourth pylon. The Precinct of Amun, the supreme deity, covers the greatest area with the Precinct of Mut (Amun's wife) following and the Precinct of Montu taking the smallest part. Since the precincts have aged and depreciated over time, only the Precinct of Amun is accessible to the public, which is entered through the Avenue of Sphinxes stretching all the way from Karnak to Luxor.

The Karnak Temple Complex is hailed as the most visited ancient religious site in Egypt after the Great Pyramids, which form part of the Seven Wonders of the World. Though architects have found it challenging to maintain this spectacular monument due to its complex design, new discoveries are made as repairs are done each day.


Red Sea Reef

    Some Of The Features Of Red Sea Reef And want To Experience And Enjoy There

    Egypt is one of those beautiful and amazing country in world with so many many tourist attractions places that you can definitely enjoy sight seeing. One of the most adventurous place to visit while in Egypt is the red sea reef. Red sea reef boost blue waters. Red sea reef is the world's largest and is bordered by a cool seven countries. Red sea is better known because of its unique marine habitats that is, coral reefs, mangroves, and sea grass beds.

    The red sea reef has very many fish species of upto a thousand species. Some of the things you can see are, elpistone and daedalus reefs. You can also visit the ras Mohammed national park and watch sharks and dolphin. You can visit the the world's most famous ship wreck the thistlegorm which is 423 feet long it is an underwater museum. Kingston ship wreck is the oldest steam powered cargo ship.


Valley of the Kings

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Valley of the Kings is one place a must visit for an unforgetable world of experience

It is a mind-blowing experience at the valley of of the kings also known us the Gates of Kings Valley. It is a wonderful destination to explore and connect with the the ancient royal world of Egypt.

The Valley of the Kings is Located West of Nile river bank at a place called Luxor opposite of Thebes in Egypt. This is where the Kings(pharaohs) and powerful noble men were buried when their lives ended as people believed that life ended in the west where the sun set and began in East.

About 63 tombs have been discovered but the most popular is King Tut tomb.He is believed to be an infamous Pharaoh. There other attraction sites to behold at the West Bank that include monuments and temples. It is advisable that one dresses for hot weather since the valley of the kings is in the middle of a desert.


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